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H2O2 in Mold and Mildew Remediation
Hydrogen peroxide is an excellent and safe solution for removing molds and mildews including toxic black mold. While many people still consider chlorine bleach a safe cleaning method for removing mold and mildew it should be noted that chlorine bleach while not long-lasting in the environment does create a class of long-lasting substances known as organochlorines which can be extremely toxic. For [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide Medical Uses
Hydrogen Peroxide Uses - Medical Uses As an oxygen delivery system capable of destroying anaerobic and pathogenic organisms, nature's solution of biological and environmental production of H2O2 is hard to beat. In the late 19th and early 20th century hundreds of medical studies and reports detailed the efficacy of various diluted infusions of hydrogen peroxide. While it might seem strange [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide – Grades and Stabilizers
Hydrogen peroxide comes in a variety of grades designed to address its varied and different functions; many of which are designed to address long-term storage properties which alter the composition of the peroxide. In general, for the purposes of the average person, either drug store/grocery store or food grade H2O2 are the grades which will be useful. Drug store/grocery store grade hydrogen [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide Industrial Uses
Hydrogen peroxide is extremely versatile in industry as well as an ever expanding environmental cleanup and remediation area. While high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are used in the wood pulp, paper and milling industries as a bleaching agent, they are also well represented in the caustics of chemical baths for everything from chain metal production to epoxy and polymer product manufacture. [...]
H2O2 Uses: Hydroponics
Hydroponics systems use water to grow plants without soil and rely on providing nutrients in liquid form to the plants. Since most of these systems are indoors, and more and more people are adopting these methods for growing foods at home, it is common for the water temperatures in these systems to be at or above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Unfortunately, this can lead to a rapid growth of bacteria, fungi [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide Uses: Cleaning in the Home
Just as hydrogen peroxide is an excellent cleaning agent in hospitals and laboratories (often at higher than 3 percent solutions and with rather advanced delivery systems, such as steam machines which can render an environment sterile and ready for occupants within a matter of hours), there are loads of uses for hydrogen peroxide in the average home. A Spray Bottle of 3 Percent H2O2 Covers a Lot [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide Uses in Agriculture
In recent years, many new agricultural applications for hydrogen peroxide have emerged, from aquaculture to animal husbandry and even in combatting certain plant pathogens and improving crop yields. Livestock and Poultry Uses of H2O2 In many parts of the US farmers are using hydrogen peroxide in specialized drinking water delivery systems for livestock and poultry, leading to lower incidences [...]
Hydrogen Peroxide as a Bleaching Agent
In the late 20th century when it was discovered that chlorine based bleaching processes used in wood pulping and the paper industry were creating a serious dioxin hazard, chlorine compounds were replaced with hydrogen peroxide throughout the industry. Additionally, hydrogen peroxide has long been recognized as an important and effective bleaching agent for fabrics as it does not damage the fibers [...]
H2O2: A Natural Antiseptic Cleaning Agent
Hydrogen peroxide has long been recognized for its antiseptic properties, as a first aid staple for cleaning wounds, cuts, abrasions and scratches. It is, for the same reason, an excellent general purpose anti-septic cleaner. In consumer applications the typical drug store variety 3% solution can work as a stain, mildew and mold remover in general household situations. Many commercial mold and mildew [...]
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