H2O2 Uses: Hydroponics

H202 Uses: HydroponicsHydroponics systems use water to grow plants without soil and rely on providing nutrients in liquid form to the plants. Since most of these systems are indoors, and more and more people are adopting these methods for growing foods at home, it is common for the water temperatures in these systems to be at or above 70 degrees Fahrenheit.  Unfortunately, this can lead to a rapid growth of bacteria, fungi and anaerobic pathogens in the watering system as a direct result of the fact that warmer water contains less oxygen.

For this reason, hydrogen peroxide is an important and critically beneficial additive to the water and nutrient system in hydroponics.

Hydrogen Peroxide Leads to Healthier Plants

The peroxide kills pathogens and fungi which leads to diseases like bacterial wilt commonly associated with low oxygen hydroponic systems. The additional oxygen leads to stronger root systems and therefore stronger and healthier plants.

Most hydroponic supply stores carry the higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide, although the exact concentrations may be different in different areas of the country due to local regulations. (For example, in California concentrations are limited to 30% for retail sales.)

It is important to remember that higher concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are extremely caustic, and must always be properly diluted for use in any system which comes in contact with living organisms, even plants. Just because most food grade H202 is sold at 30 to 35% concentrations, that does not mean it should ever be applied at that strength, particularly when in use for providing additional oxygen and support for living things.

Using H202 as a regular maintenance treatment in hydroponic systems helps to maintain healthy oxygen levels, as the peroxide will break down in a matter of days and will need to be re-applied.

Use Food Grade H2O2 for Hydroponics

It is important to use food grade hydrogen peroxide in hydroponic applications where food is being grown as it does not contain the toxic stabilizers used in drug store 3% solutions or other grades and types of peroxide. In general, any applications which bring the peroxide into direct contact with food, animals or people (other than for simple first aid for cuts etc on people) should use food grade hydrogen peroxide diluted to the appropriate strength.


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