Hydrogen Peroxide Industrial Uses

Hydrogen Peroxide Industrial UsesHydrogen peroxide is extremely versatile in industry as well as an ever expanding environmental cleanup and remediation area.

While high concentrations of hydrogen peroxide are used in the wood pulp, paper and milling industries as a bleaching agent, they are also well represented in the caustics of chemical baths for everything from chain metal production to epoxy and polymer product manufacture. Indeed, it seems the further you look, the more varied and diverse the uses are.

From municipal wastewater and drinking water treatments to gas, oil and petrochemical refinery applications hydrogen peroxide is playing a major role in the modern industrial world.

Cleanup of harmful toxins in SuperFund sites where dioxins and other byproducts of older petrochemical and military installations to industrial wastewater and air quality treatment, hydrogen peroxide is there, providing the power of highly concentrated oxygen to do the jobs needed most.

In studies after the Katrina hurricane it was determined that using hydrogen peroxide and other agents, such as copper, could radically increase the speed and completeness of water decontamination, for example.

In today’s age of new understanding of the harmful effects of modern chemicals little understood in the last century, hydrogen peroxide is proving not only to be a major asset for the cleanup of these toxic sites but also to provide new and innovative solutions for everything from fuels to manufacturing.

China Develops H2O2 CarHydrogen peroxide has long been the fuel of choice for space travel, rocket boosters, and yes, even race cars… Perhaps it is soon to come of age as a truly universal modern fuel for mass transportation needs around the world. After all, the only ‘exhaust’ created by hydrogen peroxide fuel is oxygen and water – better known as ‘steam’.

China, for example, introduced a new hydrogen peroxide fueled car in 2004 – the Habo 1, a modified Volkswagen. In an age where increasing awareness of the pollution, limited availability and higher costs of oil and gas are at last being recognized, it would seem logical that hydrogen peroxide will only play an ever increasing role in the industrial, environmental remediation and even transportation industries as time goes by.


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